Shit Fandom Says

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How do you feel about scat and politician RPFS?

anon at Fail. Fandom. Anon.

[Y]ou act like they jerk off while reading the obituaries or something.

anon on fandomsecrets

With said [phallic] symbol, Watson puts down the biggest [phallic] symbol in the scene, symbolicaly destroying Moriarty’s erection.

unnamed troper on Television Tropes & Idioms

Warnings: oral sex, dub con, crossdressing, butt plug, spies


You should try moaning out long complicated names. They’re much more fun to get off on

Wonderful Everlasting on KPop Secrets!

Would you rather read half the fic referring to Lieutenant Hobnob?

anon on inceptanon2

When I saw John Park I knew he was Korean I could just tell by looking at his face.

anon on KPop Secrets!

Beside Draco sat Blaise, a half-Jamaican, half-Italian mixed race individual with some Chinese ancestry.

tourette on fandom wank

[W]hat if you really really need to go somewhere, and you only have this one gift-horse, but it’s such a shitty horse that you know it’s too fucking stupid to get you where you want to go?

anon on inceptanon

Arthur shits cinnamon toothpaste, that’s why.

anon on inceptanon